Northern Central Railroad
Hereford Volunteer Association, Inc

Safety / Equipment

NCR Trail Rules of the Road - Please follow these rules for safety and courtesy:

1. RIGHT-OF-WAY: Bikers and pedestrians yield right-of-way to horses. Bikers yield right-of-way to pedestrians. Pets and kids will sometimes do their own thing so be cautious when approaching.


2. BE ALERT: Frequently check behind and in front of you to insure you don't impede other users.

3. STAY RIGHT: Always ride or walk, in a single file, to the right when necessary to accommodate other users. If you are two-abreast, don't wait until the last second to move over. Be predictable (sometimes children and pets are unpredictable).

4. STOPPING: Look behind you before slowing down to stop and then move COMPLETELY off the trail. Always look both ways before returning to the trail. If you are having a group meeting on the trail, please understand if strangers really don't want to stop and join in.

5. PASSING: Pass others going in your direction on their left only after giving an audible signal. If you are a bike rider, we suggest using a bell or horn in conjunction with saying "on your left". Yield to oncoming traffic AND remember to look behind you. Again, passing kids and pets may be the most adventuresome thing you do this year.

6. PETS: Pets must be leashed at all times and should be prevented from getting in the path of oncoming users.

7. CHILDREN: Children under 16 years of age are required by law to wear a bicycle helmet when riding bikes on the trail.  To avoid injury, please instruct and watch your children to avoid a collision with other users. Others are encouraged to wear helmets as well.

8. SIGNS: Obey all signs and traffic control devices. The STOP signs should be obeyed as there are several road crossings with a very limited sight distance.

9. SPEED: For safety of yourself as well as other users, 15 MPH is a recommended maximum speed.

10. PRIVATE PROPERTY: In many places the land on either side of the trail is private property. Please be respectful.

11. MARKERS: You will find mileage markers each mile beside the trail.

12. MAPS: Maps can be purchased online from the Department of Natural Resources store, at Monkton Station, or at Gunpowder Falls State Park Headquarters.